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Ditch the Diet Mentality this Christmas

It is coming into diet season when people put themselves under unnecessary pressure to be size X by Christmas. Then Christmas comes and goes and the pressure to start dieting and restrictive eating starts all over again.

Instead of wasting your time and energy on these unrealistic and unmaintainable diets, invest in your health and look into supporting your mindset and relationship with food. It is a lot more rewarding and fulfilling than spending your hard earned money on a diet that is doing more harm than good.

Stop avoiding carbs - which our bodies need for energy and are delicious

Stop labeling foods as 'good' or 'bad' - it can cause a restrictive mindset

Stop depending on an app to tell you have much food to have - you don’t need an app to tell you what to eat

It disheartens me to see people on social media promoting these fad diets and restrictive eating when it is completely unmaintainable for people to keep up in the long term. These diets can lead people to become nutrient deficient as they are restricting and cutting out food groups. Which can also contributes to people having a negative relationship with food.

Why put your body under so much stress to lose ½ stone in 2 weeks? Do you want to lose weight or do you feel like you need to because society and social media is telling you too.

Diets are promoted in the media with no scientific backing but yet making millions out of vulnerable people each year especially women. Not only are they a waste of energy and money, these diets are also dangerous. Diets put the body under a lot of stress that can affect our sleep, mood, relationships and mental health.

You can look after your health without the need of a diet!

After you’ve restricted yourself on whatever fad diet you chose, your body then goes into starvation mode. When the diet is over the body needs to restore itself and demands extra food to make up for lost time - for fear the body goes into starvation mode again.

This is just your body trying to look after you. Your body doesn't know the difference between a diet and starvation mode. This is why people tend to put the weight back on if not double after restrictive eating and dieting.

Dieting can look like a ‘quick fix’ but can lead to long term problems and possible years of disordered eating. Your health and happiness is a lot more important than a number on a scale. Don't you think?

If dieting helped you lose weight, then why are you not happy with yourself right now?

Don’t compare yourself to your family and friends. Don’t compare yourself to how you looked two years ago. Focus on yourself today. Make little changes each day to improve your mindset, take it one day at a time.

Christmas should be a time enjoyed with family and friends. It’s a really tough few years for so many. This is a time that should be spent making memories and celebrating times together. I hope this Christmas you enjoy all elements including all the delicious food.

Improving your relationship with food takes time and support from a health care professional. If you feel the need to talk to someone. Please feel free to book a free 15 minute consultation with me.

Remember you are not alone. Be kind to yourself and others this Christmas x

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